Engine Optimization

We’ve been grinding away at our Engine task list and we are nearing completion of some huge milestones! Multiplayer synchronization has been a long and difficult process for our one man programming team but has also been a fantastic learning experience.

Once our one man artist team completes the official first person character model and a small array of weapons, we will try to upload some video media and demonstrate the key features & notable mechanics.

Photo not relevant as the recent changes were back-end / network optimizations, but enjoy.

NOTICE: We are looking to recruit a video producer and YouTube / Social Media manager, so that we can begin a pre-launch game promotion. If you are interested please visit the Job Application page.


Welcome to the studio website’s soft launch! Account registration is disabled while we configure our shiney new server and plan how to execute the community side of the website. Account registration should become available to the general public by mid-late 2018.

Feel free to browse in the mean time, and thanks for visiting!