Faeorn is a FREE Medieval Fantasy Online RPG.


What can you do in the world of Faeorn?

We believe freedom is one of the most important aspects of any game! Enjoy whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want.. You will progress through the game without the hassle of character build restrictions.

The most fundamental features include training professions (skilling) to generate resources, and then using the resources to craft a broad array of tools, supplies, equipment, etc. which are useful for mid to late game PvM or PvP.

The game starts off with more AFK content, but can become immersive at any time you decide to go explore the world.


Combat Mechanics

Combat is Action Based and requires full immersion. The combat mechanics are inspired by traditional D&D board games and use the “combat triangle” design. There is no class selection in Faeorn. You can be whatever you want.. A melee user, a wizard, an archer, or even a unique hybrid build.

Like Dungeons & Dragons, RNG is a big factor in combat calculations, and while base calculations are based on your character’s levels and equipment, RNG decides your fate.


Harvesting Mechanics

Harvesting resources in MORPGs can be a mundane task, but is essential to make progress. The fundamental harvesting aspect of Faeorn is designed to be a very relaxing task and requires minimal effort.

“Tier 1 Professions” require minimal effort and are almost fully automated. With just a few mouse clicks you can begin a task and your character will begin harvesting the targeted resources. Tier 1 is perfect for people who like to multi task, or are busy but still wish to progress their character.

“Tier 2 Professions” require much more interaction and therefor bring in much better rewards and EXP but. Tier 2 skills are for people who are able to engage with more immersive content.


Characters are transferable between all of our servers.
Your in-game account is transferable between all game worlds. We encourage community interaction. Go make friends, ask for help, start a clan, relax, and socialize in the digital world of Faeorn!